How to Properly Select Your Real Estate Broker

When you’re looking for a broker for buying or selling a property, the process may be daunting, or you may not know where to start. When choosing a broker, they are also associated with a brand and an image. Beyond this image, there is a professional with skills and experience of their own. It is essential to explore the offerings of each brand and, more importantly, to choose a professional you trust, with whom you want to invest time to find or sell your property. You entrust them with a part of your life project.

That’s why we wanted to share with you what Century 21 Estrie has to offer in terms of selecting a real estate broker. In this article, we will highlight the steps that are particularly important to us during the process of selecting your broker.


Our Brokers

First and foremost, the strength of our agency lies in the competence and experience of our brokers. At Century 21 Estrie, we strive to have the best brokers in the region. Once recruited, we train and integrate them to high professional standards. Our goal is also to keep them in the team, consolidate their commitment to our agency and clientele, hence the low turnover rate within the company. All our brokers share common values and complementary personalities.

Each broker works independently with their own client list, putting customer satisfaction at the heart of their priorities. A real estate transaction should not be underestimated, and our brokers understand this well. They are available, accessible, and deploy innovative solutions to successfully complete a transaction. They stand out for their professionalism and ability to select the ideal property for their clients. Another crucial consideration is that the entire process unfolds pleasantly and without pressure for you. Our brokers are fueled by the desire to be recommended after a successful transaction.


The Eastern Townships, Our Playground

Century 21 Estrie is a true ambassador of the Eastern Townships region. The agency’s brokers have an in-depth knowledge of different sectors and will highlight the various attractions of your immediate environment. We believe that our region is blessed by everything around it: its inhabitants, lush vegetation, reliefs, rich gastronomy, and, of course, its diversity of sports activities.

It is essential for us not only to sell properties but also to help you discover and appreciate the Eastern Townships. That’s why we have brokers passionate about the region among us. They will be able to find the perfect location based on your needs.


Market Knowledge

As a real estate brand, it is essential to know the real estate market and adapt effectively to constant changes. We also have a strong expertise in real estate and anticipated price trends, allowing you to save time in your searches. Century 21 Estrie offers various types of properties on the market, such as prestige properties, single-family properties, duplexes, land, and commercial buildings. Whatever your project, we have an experienced broker in that area to accompany you.



One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: how will my property be showcased? Century 21 Estrie invests significantly in its marketing. It is crucial for us to position your property at its highest level, and we don’t do it halfway.

Firstly, if necessary, we offer home staging services to prepare the property for a professional photo session. We are frequently complimented on the quality of the photos we create for our clients. We are committed to producing images that highlight the strengths of your property.

Our other strategy is to showcase your property on various digital platforms, including our social networks, email campaigns, print newspapers, and advertisements. For these publications, we select stable and rotating photos, videos of varying durations, as well as various types of posts such as the inspiration of the day and the 5 unique traits. We also provide extended visibility to our clients. Through our partnership with Dream Homes of Canada and Luxury Real Estate, your properties can reach an engaged readership of over 500,000 people.


The Professional Difference

Remember that the broker you choose will most often be in front of your potential buyers and their broker if applicable. Their passion, transparency, the personality they exude, how they present themselves, their attitude, competence, and commitment to your property are all important points to consider when selecting your broker. Because beyond a fee to pay, there is, first and foremost, a performance to deliver.


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